March 14, 2006

Ch. MystykalSky's Cailleach Bheur

As of this weekend, my Little Miss Caillee will forever be known as Little Miss Ch. Caillee. That’s right, she has finished her championship. I don’t have any photos from the event but the photo on your left is the only show photo I have of Little Miss Ch. Caillee so far. I am really sorry I didn’t get a show photo of her when she got her first point – I’m still learning.

Last weekend at the Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club she earned her final championship point and was moved up to Special. And, she got Best of Breed all three days. Way to go Caillee.

According to Laurel, the handler, Caillee loves to show and has tons of fun at the dog shows. Now that’s a true show dog. Well, now that Cailleach is a champion I think I would like to start concentrating on obedience and I know she will do just as well at an obedience ring as she does at a show ring. I sure would like to see a little ‘Nov.’ as the end of her name too. No pressure Cailleewaillee!


  1. Champion Caillee, this...
    Champion Caillee, that...
    That's all I hear ... since she came back from Calgary. What about me, Josie. (oh wait, I am supposed to be anonymous)

  2. Deer Josie,
    Ize no wat yu meen. Itz alwaez bowt Bailey boo heer alla tyme, jus coz him wur heer furst. Dey kall him "Top Pup" n kall myneownself "Lowly" :-( Mom sez hur lub us da sayme but Ize dunt no....

    Yur fwend,

  3. Your doggies are so cute! I love their pretty fur. :)

  4. Caillee is gone ... finally, I get the whole house to myself. I must have chased her off, it's about time she got the message.
    Now I get my bones back, now I get my toys back and most important I get mom and dad back.