March 17, 2006

Don't burst Josie's little bubble....

Cailleach is off at yet another dog show this weekend. I had already paid for the entry fees so she might as well go and work this weekend. I hear she loves it so it’s all ok with me.

I hear from my husband that Josie is happy that Cailleach is gone off but she will be mighty disappointed when she finds out that Cailleach is coming back Sunday night. I won’t burst her bubble for now.

Josie will also be disappointed to find out that she will also be getting a long needed bath too this weekend. I am not sure about tonight though – lucky for her.


1 comment:

  1. Darn, she's back ... I still can't get rid of her. What to do next?
    Poison my food so when she steals it, she gets sick .... nah too evil.
    Maybe revenge is not the answer, I heard from somewhere that the best revenge is no revenge at all. Make her think I will do something, this should drive her crazy. Maybe all I will do is be nice to her from now on. Let us see what this will be like.