February 28, 2006

About my little Havanese Cailleach

Besides being a ‘cute as a button’, Cailleach is a Havanese from Nathalie Tremblay of MystykalSky of New Brunswick (www.mystykalsky.com); and her parents are Ch. Twins Hycrest Ever Reddi & Mystykalsky Pheobelus Twins. You will have to go to www.hydabrek.com to check out her pedigree.

Originally Nathalie was going to keep Cailleach but was finding that she was going to be a handful and thought it would best to find a home that would show her and possibly do other activities with her like agility or obedience (canine sports); family that could possibly keep up to her. A mutual friend of ours was visiting Nathalie in New Brunswick and suggested that I may make a good home for Cailleach.

Nathalie had already named her Calleach but I changed it a bit to Cailleach Bheur after the Scottish goddess or a great sorceress of British Folklore said to be the protector of plants and small animals. I like that version the best and that it what I would normally tell people when asked about her name. However, other version of the name Cailleach is that is was a blue hag or witch. Her full name is MystykalSky’s Cailleach Bheur

Well, Cailleach is neither blue nor a hag but a beautiful black female Havanese dog. She will be a year old next April 27th. Though I had a handler show her last time and will have the same handler show her the next few shows (Calgary and Brandon again); I will show her at Winnipeg held shows so I can build my own show handling confidence.

I showed her during our first outing (last November) and she did a wonderful job; she even got her first point. I just wished I would have stopped shaking. Her last and second dog show outing was at Brandon this past weekend with Laurel Skuba (www.pawsh.biz) where she gained 8 point in total for the whole weekend. I am still in shock!

Well that my little Caillee-girl.

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  1. how much do they cost? and were can i find one?