January 4, 2016

To Shave a Dog or Not

There can be a lot of variables in your decision to shave your dog's fur right down which may include how matted the dog already is, your skill level in removing mats on your own, the time you have to remove the mats, the seasons, money, how much time you have to take care of your dog's coat daily, and there is also the emotional factor that weighs in your decision.
I myself have come to this very crossroad of whether I should shave all my dogs' fur off. Guilt certainly played a factor with me. You see I have the skills and wasn't that long since their last cut-down many months ago. I could have easily de-matted their fur. Plus it is technically winter right now – though by looking out the window you would never know. Luckily for us winters can be very mild but it doesn't stay like that all winter, it will get colder.
Right now, time is my major factor. Time is so precious right now, plus getting enough sleep. If you have ever had a newborn (human baby) or eventually an infant – you already know the struggles I am facing right now. And, my newest little guy is *not* sleeping through the night yet which makes me extra tired most of the time.
With all this lack of sleep, my poor dogs are suffering. I didn't want to: it is winter time and I really like the look of them in their fur. I had to make that hard call and actually do it.
I guess I made that call a while go but I was making all sorts of excuses not to pick up my clippers and just do it. At first it didn't seem like excuses but it dawn on me when I needed to get my clippers out for something else when I realized I was merely making excuses.
I did it. I clipped them all down and they all seem a bit (at the very least) happier for it. Now everyone is in sweaters.
My hope is as my infant get older he will start to let me sleep more which will lead to more energy to groom my poor sweet dogs more often.
The nice result of all of this is all my dogs are extra snugly since their shave.
What has been your experience with the same or similar situation? 

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