January 12, 2016

One Cool Looking Havanese

These guys sure find great places to sleep. What you are looking at is my Havanese Caillee in an orange child's swivel chair with a canopy from IKEA, their PS LĂ–MSK. An egg shaped chair which encloses when you pull the canopy all the way down.

Someone must have left both a small pillow and a blanket on/in the chair (depends on how you see the chair). So cute.

I got the chair through Kijiji, an online classified, way cheaper than purchasing it brand new from IKEA. I personally think the chair is very expensive, a whole $80 brand new, for something that looks so uncomfortable. My one kid played with it once or twice and it pretty much just sits in the corner of the room most of the time looking cool.

1 comment:

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