October 24, 2011

Bobble-Head Caillee

Caillee with Rupert, her son with Truman.
Head shot of bobble-head Caillee with Oliver in the background.
It's true, I cut Caillee's hair right down and left her head, ears, and tail. I left a good part of her head alone so I could still put pig-tails, pony-tails, barretts, and other fun stuff in her hair. Why, what's the point of having long hair dogs if you can't play with their hair? :-)

So... for a while, Caillee had been called "Bobble-Head Caillee", because her head looks so much larger than the rest of her. Her hair is slowly growing back in and is starting to look less like a bobble-head doll but not by much.

Hand in there Caillee.... it's just hair.


  1. I think Caillee should start a new Havanese grooming trend! And look at Rupert! My gosh! He got white!

  2. I know! Where did all his red colouring go? There is a slight hint of caramel colouring left where all the red used to be.

    I did say the red would fade but I didn't think it would fade *that* much!

    He seemed like a happy boy with his family. He is doing alright. His mom says he should visit more often.