July 8, 2011

Just Say No

My husband has got to stop catering to Josie's demands.  It is becoming (1) embarrassing, and (2) annoying to listen to.

Even the mere act of playing along and mimicking the noises she makes is giving her attention and fuel for her fire to keep getting what she wants and when she wants it.  My husband is becoming a slave to Josie's desires.  Who is really at the end of the leash in this doggie/human relationship?

I cannot stress this enough.... ignore, ignore, ignore.  Only when your dog stops and is quite then your dog will get whatever you feel s/he needs.  That walk should be a treated as an enjoyment and a reward, even you plan to walk your dog every day, they won't know that, and you can pretend it is a reward each day for being so good. Once it becomes expected and then demanded, the joy of the task becomes a chore and that isn't what owning a dog should be about.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

Update 2015/06/21 - Made a few spelling corrections and a change to the title.

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