June 20, 2011

Decision has been made: We are going to North Carolina!

Durham, North Carolina is our destination next month, and Oliver and I will be heading there all by ourselves! Crazy or what?

Heading to the Havanese of America National Specialty.

I stopped by CAA to order a trip-tic which should point out all the construction zone and other useful information a modern GPS just can’t do for me yet.

I signed up and paid for all the extra activities like seminars, tours, meet and greets, and dinners – I am doing it all and I am going to be a social butterfly doing about it.

I hope to have a replacement camera by the time I get there, I promised Nathan, the editor of the Havanese Breed Magazine, I would capture some photos of the event. We’ll see how any of them turn out.

I should make up a check list so I don’t forget anything.

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