November 14, 2010

Caillee is My Soul Dog, who could ask for more?

I feel so blessed to have a Havanese like Caillee. I have been sick for a week and when I get a chance to take things easy and rest, Caillee is there keeping me company. I could be watching TV and there she is beside me resting beside me knowing I don’t have the energy to go anywhere or do anything, and she is ok with that. Her eyes tell me that it is ok and that I should rest while I have the chance.

It has been a difficult month with the recent passing of a family member, the same month my dog died two years ago, and dealing with a nasty head cold. Caillee has been there for me. Keeping me company and encouraging me to get up and pick up. Caillee is my soul dog and she knows me from inside out. Who could ask for a better dog than my Caillee?

I am so thankful Caillee is my dog and she is always there for me.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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