October 9, 2010

Oliver won Best Puppy In Toy Group and Best Bred By In Toy Group

Today at the Wine Country Kennel Club Oliver, Hydabrek's What the Dickens, won Best Puppy in Toy Group AND Best Bred by Exhibitor in Toy Group.

I am very pleased with the Best Bred by In Group Oliver won today.  Just as Best Puppy in Group wins do not count towards a dog's championship title, both the Best Puppy in Group and the Best Bred By Exhibitor in Group are worth bragging rights.

The photo of Oliver and I here is actually from Oliver's very first Best Puppy in Toy Group Rosette winning when he was at the Oakville & District Kennel Club. Sorry I didn't post about it earlier, live sometimes can be like that.

Oliver had a lot of fun in the ring.  I do try to make sure he does have a fun experience and so far he is making the most of things.

I one bit of advice for anyone starting out showing their own dog: do not kiss your dog on his or her forehead before having to go in the ring, especially if you are wearing red lipstick!  I did manage to get the red colour out of his hair and I am pretty sure you could barely notice it anymore.  Phew!

I did take a photo of Oliver's today's winnings but I didn't have time today between the end of the show of getting Oliver back home, picking up a friend, and heading back to the show for their Thanksgiving Dinner to look and possibly purchase today's photos.  You will just have to wait.

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  1. I can't wait to see the latest pictures. He's looking sooooo good.

  2. Thanks Dawn. We received the photo and CD via mail. It is not a very nice picture. Hubby has offered to edit it for me.