October 12, 2010

Jack Went Out Visiting for Thanksgiving Weekend...

Jack and I went visiting on Thanksgiving weekend and, of course, he won over all. :-) He had a great time greeting and exploring and playing in an enclosed backyard. Given that we live in an apartment right now, the backyard was a real treat for Jack. I had hoped to teach Jack a trick or two to show off to our hosts, but ran out of time before the visit. Nonetheless, Jack saved the day by spontaneously offering up a display of his ability to balance and pivot on his hind legs. Jack at his charming best, collecting more hearts, of course.

Jack also met up with a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever over the weekend. Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever didn't understand Jack's preferred quiet and exploring kind of play so the visit was a bit tense and filled with lots of Retriever chasing Havanese ... that is, until Jack figured out that he could fit under the shelf of the coffee table and the Retriever couldn't. With some time and protected space to sort himself out, Jack built up enough courage to head out and face the Retriever a few more times. With some attitude and a low growl, Jack effectively pushed a dog more than 7 times his size out of the way while Jack ate what he wanted out of the Retriever's dinner! Sadly, attitude did not hold power over size for long with this Retriever, so when the Retriever tried to pin Jack down with his paw and pick him up like a duck to be retrieved, I had to step in and lift Jack out of a potentially dangerous situation. Jack was very glad to spend a good part of that visit quietly tucked between me and the arm of a chair and out of the way of the Retriever's mouth and paws.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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