September 10, 2010

Oliver will forever been known as "Puppy-Pants"

Oliver will forever been referred among a small groups of friends as Puppy-Pants. He has often been referred to as Puppy-boy so Puppy-Pants is a funny stretch from Puppy-boy.

Oliver acted like such a clown. Always wanting to play with Cricket and Petey. Petey and Cricket are both much older Havanese, 4 and 9 years old, so they they were not as interested in playing with Oliver relentlessly.

Oliver played with his favourite squeaky toy and then he stolen and played with Petey's favourity toy, a small cute ducky. Oh, how Oliver loved Petey's duck. On the last day of the trip, we all couldn't find Petey's duck and suspected Oliver trying to pack the duck in one of his suite cases. The duck was found under the bed.

Oliver loved to jump, grab, and pull just about anything off the bed. We had to put away or hide just about everything. We caught Oliver running around the hotel room with mom's dog show comfy shoes. He was also caught running away with towels, panty hoses, Kleenexes, leashes, and paper. Oliver is 6 months after all.

Oliver was being a little trouble-maker and being all cute about it. Oh, Puppy-Pants, I smell obedience ring in your future.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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