September 9, 2010

Oliver visited Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

On Friday, day two of Oliver's long weekend attending the Canadian National Speciality in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he spent at Peggy's Cove and was a tourist for the day.
Peggy's Cove is one of the most popular spots along the Alantic Canada.  A real photographer's dream location.  It is a fisherman village with rocky shores, lighthouse, and many tourist giftshops and restaurants along its roads.

Oliver got to walk around the rocks outlining Peggy Cove's coast line. He got to checkout the light house and many gift shops along the way.

The light house didn't look like it could be large enough to house anyone like what is sometimes seen in movies. The light house was just large enough to serve its purpose and nothing more.

Oliver posed in a few unique spots with his Havanese friends, Cricket and Petey. Cricket and Petey have done many obedience trials and have several performance titles each so sitting and posing on command came very easily to them. A bit more encouragement and persuasion had to be done for Oliver to have him pose for photos.

There was a lady with a funny hat playing a large musical instrument I cannot recall the name of and singing her heart out by the light house.

We look everywhere for a guy in a lobster outfit as seen in photos of other people who have visited Peggy's Cove but none was found so we missed a great and cute photo opportunity.

We had lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant. We did take out and enjoyed our fishy fair outside at the picnic tables so Oliver and his furry Havanese friends could enjoy the shade.

Many of the gift shops long the road were great about letting Oliver, Cricket, and Petey walk around in their stores. Being small and very well behaved do have their perks for moment like this.

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