August 17, 2010

Oliver in Conformation Class

Oliver and I started a new 6 week conformation classes.  He was doing very well for a young puppy-boy.  There is so much we need to work on and he is getting there each day.

I am so glad I had a GPS with me, especially when trying to home through dark country roads.  I think I might have gotten lost without it.

The instructor suggested I get a different lead for him and gave me reasons to use a chain kind.  I think it is rather funny I have my current style of leads in three different colours: black, brown, and light pink.  Pink... why of course I would have such a colour.  I wonder if I might find this new style of show lead in pink?  A dark, more masculine pink, of course.

Even though we worked really hard tonight, I think Oliver had fun and he should sleep really well.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. The class wasn't just going over what you can do better as a human dog team but also learning about other breeds, learning to spot good technique, learning to judge others' technique, how to present your breed and other breeds to their fullest, it was interesting to say the least.