August 16, 2010

Hyacinth's Birthday, a Time of Remembrance...

Yesterday Mim’s mom called to chat. Mim is doing great by the way and absolutely charming everyone she meets. She reminded me that today is Mim’s, Cali’s, and Hyacinth’s birthday.

I had forgotten; it totally slipped my mind.  Hyacinth, Hyacinth Bucket, pronounced Bouquet, would have been three years old this year. I had big plans with her: conformation, obedience, rally-o, agility (maybe), and breeding. All gone.

It has been hard since her passing. She died a year and a several months ago under very tragic circumstances; which until recently I had not been able to talk about her without crying. She wasn’t just a show dog, not to me. She was my loving pet as all my dogs are, and the smelly cat too (who wakes me up far too early each morning).

A group of friends got together to commission a painting done of Hyacinth. They also included a gift-certificate to have the artwork framed. I did have it framed after I moved back to Ontario and I think the picture frame store did a lovely job.

I still have Hyacinth’s ashes. I think I would like to spread them at her favourite park area we loved to go together but that was back in Winnipeg. I guess I shall keep her ashes until I get back to Winnipeg for a visit, maybe in May or August when they host some really large and impressive dog shows.

I still haven’t decided what to do what suing the handler or not. Now that I am back in Ontario, it does make things a lot easier for me to pursue legal action. Suing the handler isn’t going to bring Hyacinth back; I still am never going to get the truth; and chances are the handler most likely will never change.

I have Oliver now whom I decided to keep from my last litter. With him, I have now reached the city’s bylaw limit of three dogs. Oliver in no way replaces Hyacinth. He is his own unique dog with his own unique personality and charm. I have similar and different hopes and dreams with him. He would have liked her. Even a co-worker who hated and feared dogs liked her – that has got to speak volumes on how adorable and loveable she was.

I miss her.

Hyacinth will always have a special place in my heart.

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