March 5, 2010

A little update on Caillee

Caillee is not normally a fussy eater. As a matter of fact, I have often commented how Caillee could eat anything, anytime, and any amount, preferably lots. During Caillee’s pregnancy, I used (Raw/uncooked) chicken wings as treats after taking her temperature. Guess where you need to take the temperature on a dog... yeah right, she enjoyed that so hence the chicken wing treats to make her efforts to stand still worth it.

Now after her pregnancy, she doesn’t want chicken wings anymore, or anything else I used to think she found yummy and irresistible, she wants kibble mixed with moist dog food or cooked chicken breast. She is caring for four puppies and I am happy to pamper her. Thanks goodness she will be able to go back to her regular routine and diet when the puppies are much older. For now, my princess gets what she wants within reason.

For example, the other day I was eating a hot dog and she expressed to me she really wanted some. There was way I was going to give her some, not even a little. Let’s face it, does anyone really and truly know what goes into a hot dog? I have to turn my brain off before eating one. I bet you people who do know what goes into one most likely don’t eat them themselves.

Another example, I was eating a pizza the other day. She too expressed she would like some. I just have to think back to a friend of mine’s story where she gave her dog just a small piece of sausage and all her dog’s puppies had diarrhoea for a while. Lesson learnt at her expense!

Cottage cheese is a good source of protein other than raw chicken and other foods I got her and she won’t currently eat. I have been mixing a little bit of cottage cheese with the moist dog food and then with her kibble.

At least she is eating and importantly drinking, she needs to keep up her strength to take care of her cute little puppies.

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  1. Poor Caillee! It's easy to forget just how much hard work it is caring for four - count 'em: four! - puppies. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the vulnerability of such new puppies. No wonder Caillee was so distressed at being separated from the for the trip earlier this week. Somehow, I imagined the puppies coming out barking and playing and tugging on leads ... at least within a few days!

    Loving the updates!