February 8, 2010

Traveling with Caillee Update

Caillee and I did a trip together a while back and I have been dying to talk about it but life has been very busy. Our trip took all day each way and it was just Caillee and I. I have never travelled that far before all by myself. AND we did it!

I needed to travel that far so I could have Caillee meet up with a nice stud I hope will compliment Caillee in many ways.

I was really worried at first to travel so far with just me and a dog. After a few stops, Caillee and I got into a good rhythm. I would stop and I would run in and take a potty break first, pick up anything I wanted or needed from the convenience store (most places had one). Then, I would take Caillee for a walk, sometimes a run.

I think we might have been a sight with the two of us running, a woman running with a long haired dog with pretty bows in her hair. Did I forget to mention the pink leash?

After our walk (or run), we would jump into the car and I would fill up on gas before I drive off for another two or three hours. I read somewhere when travelling with pets it is recommended to stop every two hours for a potty break and a stretch. I think I stopped about every two hours during our trip there. Caillee was very content to stay put, she is a very, scratch that, great car traveller. It was me who needed to stop every two hours. I was worried I would push myself too hard and not be able to complete the trip.

After a while I realized I was doing ok, Caillee and I were doing ok. I think with all the commuting to Toronto every day I have been doing, driving all day didn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

I also took my friends advice of only drinking and eating lightly, snacking would be even better. She said if I was to do a big meal, I might feel real tired after a while and that would not be good... no relief driver.

As for an update, I think the trip was successful. I do believe Caillee is pregnant!!! Yes, you heard it here first.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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