July 16, 2009

Visiting Linda and her Fury Family

Soon after we arrived back in Ontario I had to ask Linda a big favour. I asked that if she could take care of Josie and Caillee for a short time. Hubby and I were trying really hard to adjust to our new work schedules and run around after work taking care of things. There was a few days where we just couldn't care of our puppy girls. Thank goodness the cat was at some cat retreat back in Winnipeg awaiting for our call to come to his new home.

Here is Josie and Caillee when we came to pick them up after almost a whole week being apart. They seemed to really enjoy themselves there as Linda accounts their stay at her house.

They got to sleep with her and her furry family, and got to play until they dropped from exhaustion. I wasn't sure if they would be at all interested in coming back with us. In the end we tricked them in the car and they weren't the wiser for it.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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