July 15, 2009

The Move: Josie Out the Window

We all decided to move back home to Ontario: 10/25 Part Series.

If Josie wasn't sleeping, she was hanging out with whoever was sitting at the passenger side window. One of her favourite most favourite spots in any vehicle.

Moving across Canada, Josie got to drive by and see lots of great and some spectacular views of Canada's scenery.

Moving Tip #10: Take along some thermoses with you on your next moving trip you can have some hot drinks and save some money too.

Every time we stopped at a hotel, each morning I would make some tea for my thermos and some coffee for hubby's thermos. Friends did give us some Tim Horton's gift cards for our moving trip that we so enjoyed, so with some coffee and tea money we saved, we got to enjoy some donuts, croissants, and hot soups. I had so many donuts on the trip that I couldn't eat another donut for a while.

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