January 28, 2009

In Memory of Carrie Belair

You know what I truly miss about Carrie Belair… her straight shooting and “no word of a lie” style of talking. You always knew where you stood with her.

She could research like nobody’s business and her knowledge of the Bolognese was simply amazing.

She recognized the need for a Canadian Bolognese club and who “took that job by the horns”? Carrie of course.

In regards to the club, her doggie related legacy, we often joke how we worked so well together. She had the presence and spirit to move mountains and inspire others from every corner of the world. I followed behind her and tried to do all the paperwork. Oh, if you worked at all with Carrie, you would find humor in my last sentence. During Carrie’s ill spell, the club has been quite.

I had the privilege to meet her not only once but twice. She was gracious to help me cut costs by letting me stay at her home while I attending some technical training in Ottawa. I got to meet Carrie and her wonderful family: Rick, her husband; Sam, Joel, and Maxim, ser sons. I had a great time, learnt lots, and gained so much respect for Carrie.

During my second visit, I had come to complete the work started for the Pat Hastings’ seminar, the Puppy Puzzle. This is when we realized that we made a great team and the seminar was a great success.

I feel so blessed and luck to have meet her and to have meet her family as well.

Even when you know death is coming, it’s never easy. My heart goes out to Carrie’s family and I hope you can stay strong.

Carrie's Blog, her struggle and battle with cancer: Carrie's Bit

Carrie's doggie related legacy: Bolognese Club of Canada

Carrie's Obituary : Ottawa Citizen Obituary

We miss you and love you, rest in peace our dear friend....

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