December 15, 2008

Red Bone-Shaped Squeakies

I bought all sorts of things from the dollar store the other day. Everything was for dog related things.

Caillee seems to really like a red squeaky bone-shaped toy these days which she immediately broke the squeak in the squeaky toy and the fabric is a bit torn and ripped.

I went back to the dollar store to buy them out of red bone-shaped squeaky toys. They didn’t have much left and that was the reason I “bought them out”.

While I was there I saw some really cute Christmas-ie collars. For some reason, I purchased three collars for the family collection. I know I only have two dogs right now but perhaps when I am ready and that may be a while, I may have three dogs again and when I do, I will have three matching festive collars.

I also purchased some extra collars, perhaps we will donate them to next year’s Havanese Fanciers Rescue Benefit Auction.

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