March 11, 2008

A little update on Cali

Cali’s mom reports that Cali is soon to start beginner obedience. She was doing so well in puppy classes that it just seemed natural to continue on. She has lots of doggie friends in class and she seems so intentive in class too. She's extremely clever and picks up new things at a very rapid rate; looks like she finds the classes stimulating.

Cali now has freedom in the house (under supervision, of course) and loves it.

Cali’s mom is teaching Cali not to bark and so far seems to be working (somewhat). If she can learn all sorts of new things in class, she can certainly learn this. Cali’s mom says that Cali can be so funny sometimes, Cali is now starting to make little funny noises instead of barking. Smart girl, sounds like she is trying to work around the system.

Her little sister, Hyacinth, says hi and so does Caillee; and also adds “wash your ears and brush your teeth”…. Moms, good grief.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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