March 10, 2008

Hyacinth At Her Very First Fun Match

Hyacinth did very well for herself yesterday at a conformation fun match, Red River Terrier Association. It was her very first one. At first she was nervous and a bit shy but she soon loosened up. I even got her enjoying being in the ring, when the practicing judge wasn’t looking we played together – I had her hopping about. I even had her tail nice and high for the judge. What a good girl she was. During sweeps, the practicing judge mentioned to me as we were walking out of the ring that she showed very well. I thought so too. Not because I’m mummy and I am biases, that too but she was standing nice and steady with her tail up most of the time.

During the regular conformation fun match, Hyacinth received a group first placement and won some pretty nifty prizes: a small bed and a travel coffee-mug. I hope she won’t mind me using the mug, when we travel to dog shows of course. After that, she received a reserve puppy in match award. While we were in the ring for that, I felt she had enough but it was a bit late to pull out now… almost finished and all. Well she received a box of cookies for her troubles, poor thing.

It was good to see her enjoying herself. Since it was her first time out to any sort of thing like this I wasn’t sure how she was going to behave. I also wasn’t expecting to stay for so long either. Hehehe.

After we got home, Josie decided that the bed was hers and that’s that. Oh well, perhaps Josie will appreciate more, if nothing else, just for all the cookies you can bring home. ;-)

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