September 17, 2007

Mount. Juanita

My husband had taken all the puppies out to play with them and left them there in the ex-pen when I came to teach them to lick up their food. This would be nice I had thought, I will get them to eat outside of their box this morning. Bad idea. As I got one concentrated on eating from the spoon, one puppy would climb over my legs. I didn't want to remove that puppy because I finally got one of them eating out of the spoon. She would stop eating and I would then take the adventurous puppy off of me. I would get another one eating and another one would climb all over me like it was the best adventure ever. This cycle continued until the bowl was almost finished. I am not Mount Everest. It was a conspiracy I tell you. I am convinced they had this all preplanned out and I fell for it.

Secret Lives of my Pretty In Pink Dogs

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