August 22, 2007

Today the puppies are six days old

Today the puppies are six days old and I am finally getting some sleep at night.

I always refer to 'Caillee Jr', the black puppy with the white chin and one white toe, as the litter piggy but looking over the daily weights I would have to think twice about that. 'Goldie Locks' is closer than the others in doubling her birth weight and today no less.

I asked my husband on his way out to work today to come back home with some baby nail clippers. Thier litter nails are getting long and sharp!

I have noticed a lot more hair around the back of the ears today and it almost seams like skin is pealing away from their ears. I do think they are preparing to do some hearing next week.

I think I am going to go take a nap now.

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