August 21, 2007

Video: Caillee's Puppies A Day Old

Here is another picture slide show of Caillee's puppies. They are all one day old in this video.

I think this day we actually took more videos than pictures but I will have see what we have and see if I can put it altogether in a nice video package.

Caillee again was doing well during her first full day of motherhood.

That day we all went to the vet office and the puppies traveled in a warming box I learnt to make from one of Myra Savant-Harris seminars. I am so glad I had gone to her seminar it really did help a newbee like me. I still didn't know how to tube feed, it is one thing to learn how at a seminar, reading it, and seeing it on a video than to actually do it for real. I haven't done it agian for a while but I still shake thinking about. Always remember that if you can hear them cry you are going down the correct tube - those words of advice did help me.

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