March 2, 2007

Mom's missing: Day Two

"I want my MOMMY" - Caillee

Hey again everyone,

Josie here. Caillee and I are still waiting for mom to come home from work. Kevin tells us she'll be back next week. Man that is a long time. I don't know if he can keep up with us.
Kevin told me and Caillee that he received some bad news today at work. He found out that a former co-worker (Greg - the man in the wheel chair) of his: died Feb. 28th. He mentioned that I met him once or twice. Apparently Greg lives down the street and I walked over with Kevin to visit once. When I was at Greg's house I was able to shake my booty and get his attention. I think he liked me, seemed to enjoy my visit and gave me a scratch behind my ears (Oh, did I like that!). Kevin has no details of how it happened but his wife called Murray the supervisor to let the company know. This post is dedicated to the memory of this good man.
Kevin last saw him back in December and got his picture taken with him. Here it is.

Anyway sorry to bring up this bad news, but I figured He deserves more than just this posting. He deserves to be remebered as a survivor: living in a wheel chair for over 20 years.

Peace and love to all.


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