March 1, 2007

Mom's Gone: Day One

Hey Everyone,
I am still waiting for mom to come home, boy she is working late tonight.
Kevin came home early today (11am). He told me and Caillee that the power went out at his work for over two hours, apparently there was a fire on a hydro pole near his work on Chevrier Boulevard and they were working on restoring power all day.
[Here is a link to the News story :]
He also told us that on his way to work he walked (for an hour) all the way because of a watermain break, he told us he walked though the "miniature lake" and got his feet all wet. What a baby? So he got a little wet. Boo whoo. (Oh did I say that out loud ... I hope Kevin didn't hear me say that.)
Anyway, so far Kevin is doing everything that mom asked him to do while she is gone.
Caillee says "Mom is coming back right? Wait she's gone, where? when? she's not working late tonight ... mom ... I miss you ... come home, please."
I say, "Everything is OK, since I am Daddy's girl, I am going to get my way all week. Kevin is a sucker for these puppy dog eyes."
Anyway, that is enough for today, stay tuned for more.
Josie (since Caillee can't type yet, I am 41/2 years and she is only 1 1/2)

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