February 10, 2007

Daisy Update for a Saturday afternoon

Daisy is in her crate while I try to clean the house this afternoon. She starts crying ever time she sees me walk by but she is learning some hard lessons that crying in this house doesn’t work.

She really is learning that lesson; why last night she was quite the whole night and didn’t give me grief when I tried to put her in her crate either. So this morning when she started to cry I took her seriously that she may need really go out to the bathroom. I took her out and she went right away. I put her back in her crate because 7 am was too early to get up on a Saturday morning, I gave her two treats: one for going in the crate so nicely and another one for going ‘potty’ right away. This is a far cry from the first morning she was here: I stayed outside with her for a long time until she finally went ‘potty’ – I won that battle that day. I am not sure if I would have missed work to win that battle but the thought did cross my mind at the time.

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