February 10, 2007

Arthur Want-a-Be

Arthur Want-a-Be
Originally uploaded by Pretty In Pink Dogs.

Here is Josie pretending to be Arthur, Dave & Morley's dog from the Vinyl Cafe Stories on CBC Radio hosted by Stuart McLean.

Dave kept calling the heating repair guy each season becasue his bedroom was colder than any other part of the house and in summer that same room was always the warmest room in the house. Dave thought the repair guy was crazy for not beleiving him each time he called and the repair guy thought Dave was crazy for always calling him.

Turns out it was Arthur, the dog, who would sleep on the rad each night for warmth or coolness depending on the seaon. All the children knew that it was Arthur's favourite spot, everyone but Dave of course. And that's how Stuart McLean reads off wonderful stories.

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