January 28, 2007

Photos and Video on Josie Actually Peeling my Banana

I already had posted the video of Josie peeling a banana but it never really showed her peeling it, just eating it. I have finally posted the pictures to prove it!

For those who did see the previous post about this, what had happen was that I was relaxing in bed and my husband brought me a banana. I put the banana down for a moment so I could continue typing on my laptop. Josie was on the bed with me and took the banana. I was about to take it away from her since I wanted to eat it soon. I realized that she was peeling it, I swear it! I went quickly to find my camera.

Here is Josie, she already peeled one side off already by the time I found the camera.

Josie Peels Banana 1

Josie Peels Banana 2

Josie Peels Banana 3

Ok so this is photo is out of focus but at least you can see the actaul peeling action

Josie Peels Banada 4

If you listen closely you can actaully hear Josie smack her lips! Hahahaha Talk about priceless moments.

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