September 13, 2006

My little puppy girl may be half Jumping Beans!

You won’t believe what my husband told me yesterday.

I was out and he was getting supper ready that evening, bless his heart. He had gotten the chicken breasts out to prepare them for cooking but stepped away for something, just for a moment really. He heard Caillee jumping away at the counter but seriously, it a counter after all; she couldn’t possibly be able to reach the top of the counter. A second later, he heard another jump but this time he also heard a ‘blop’.


  1. Mommy you forgot to mention that daddy locked me up afterwards. Did I really deserve that much? I am cute after all.

  2. Champion Caillee:

    You're not the only one who can jump up so high. I just heard from someone that her Havanese girl jumped right into the sink!

  3. I saw nothing. I know nothing. I said nothing. It was all her. Leave me out of this.

  4. Josie:

    I heard you were right beside her the whole time and I beleive even ready to take over once she got the loot... comments Josie?