April 1, 2006

Cailleach at contract negotiations

Mommy, I love you very much but seriously I am not a Havanese show dog. This contract I have drawn up here clearly states my duties and responsibilities and they are as follows:

* Look cute
* Play all day
* Find a great bone and have it stolen by Josie (we need to talk about this)
* Chase the cats
* Lay on your lap whenever you watch TV

I only play a show dog once in a while on weekends, otherwise the above this is all my duties and responsibilities. I don’t see why I have to get brushed everyday and have baths almost every week. And another thing, it’s not like Josie and I don’t know what you and daddy mean when you spell out B – A – T – H. Josie has totally filled me in on that one.

These new things we’re doing are quit strange, I sit and I get a treat. I love it! We can keep that in the contract.

So mom, if you can sign right here…..

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