February 21, 2006

Caillee's first show on her own..... and mom's a basket case

Caillee is my Havanese show dog. She is nine months now and ready to be doing all dog shows. I have hired a handler, L, to take my Caillee to out of town dog shows. Mainly because I lack the confidence to do it on my own and a reliable vehicle; and I will do the local shows so I do get my practice and build-up my own confidence level. L came highly recommended and I am confident Caillee will be in good hands. I will be dropping her off at the handler’s house this Wednesday, early enough for L to groom and bond with Caillee before the show.

She will be fine and she will most likely have all sorts of fun on her own – so why am I acting like a basket case? I am going to miss her; we will be parted from each other. My shadow won’t be my shadow for few days. AAHHH!

Completely losing it,

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