February 25, 2006

Cailleach at the Crocus Obedience and Kennel Club show

My little Havanese, Cailleach, is on her own and is at the Crocus Obedience and Kennel Club as I type this. I really wonder how she is doing and how she is making out at the show. There are very few dogs that were entered in this show so that could be a good thing or bad – depends on how you want to look at it.

The biggest question of all, does she miss me? I so miss her. I can’t wait until tomorrow night when I get to pick her up and see her again. And to find out how things went.

Josie, my Bichon Bolognese, may never admit that she misses Cailleach but I know she does. At the very least, she may miss the company of the other dog.



  1. Josie does not miss her, she is happy to be away from that little miss bouncey. Josie is always second best around her and with her gone, she gets it her way again (even if it is for just a few days).

  2. Mr Anonymous - you sure sound like Josie's dad. Josie only thinks she is second best but does Caillee get to play in sports - no she isn't old enough. Does Caillee get to be a Therapy dog? No, that's special to only mom and Josie. Does Caillee ever get to go on Photo adventures with dad? No, that's special to only Josie and Dad.

  3. Does Caillee get all the attention? Yes. Does Caillee eat all my food? Yes. Does Caillee get more of mom's attention? Yes.
    So with Caillee gone, Josie gets all this and more.