January 5, 2006

My dogs

I have two dogs; Josie is about four years old Bolognese and my Havanese, Cailleach, is almost nine months old.

Right now I am learning how to show my Cailleach in a dog show ring (conformation show) and I take Josie to a local senior’s home to volunteer as a therapy dog team.

In the past, Josie and I participated in agility and obedience.

Josie’s likes:
- Cheese, bacon, chicken, car rides, hiking with me, tennis balls, andmy bed

Josie’s dislikes:
- baths and getting her nails cut

Cailleach’s likes:
- all foods, squeaky toys, bouncing, and playing with our fat cat

Cailleach’s dislikes:
- collars, and the vet office

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  1. hi i e-mailed u and i was just wonderind if ur pups were pearbrads