January 8, 2006

Halloween 2005

Over the summer I managed to find two Chinese jackets for my doggies. When I saw them I thought I should get them, since I have never seen other doggie jackets like before. Now you can find them anywhere, but at the time they were the only ones I had ever seen.

Anyway, I have had these cute jackets and haven’t gotten my doggies to wear them yet, Halloween seem just as good time as any especially since I bought myself a Chinese jacket for myself. Mine even match one of the doggie jackets I bought over the summer.

Here is a picture of Josie and Cailleach with their cute jackets on getting ready to hand out the Halloween treats to all the children that come by knocking on our door.

So Josie and Cailleach help me hand out candy this year. They barked at every single door bell, just to make sure I knew that someone was at the door. I had lot fun with my girls that night.

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