March 9, 2015

Long Overdue for an update....

We are long overdue for an update here. And where do we even start?

2012 brought the arrival of a different type of doggie litter, a singleton hairless two-legged kind. Ok, so maybe more of the human variety. “Q”.

All the puppies are getting older: Josie will be 14 years old come November; Caillee will turn 10 come April; and Oliver has turned five last February.

Wow, let me take a moment to step back here and let that all sink in… Josie is going to be 14 and Caillee is going to be 10 shortly? Wow… 

Caillee doesn’t seem like she could be 10. Josie however, is certainly acting her age these days. I have been really monitoring her lately, only in the last few months really, so I feel somewhat prepared if need be to relay any observations to a veterinarian if we need to rush her to the vet office unexpectedly. We have noticed Josie seems to be having a harder time holding her bladder; having a harder time going up the stairs; her vision isn’t as good as it used to be; and she has been more intolerant of others around her. Poor girl, aging certainly sucks.

Caillee and Oliver seem to be doing fine. Oliver is still doing a good job being friendly to the little toddler. And our little toddler is learning to be gentle: to pet softly and not to pull hair; and not to hug or put his face in Oliver’s face. Q is still learning and thankfully Oliver continues to be a good sport about with Q’s learning.

Photos to come....

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