December 28, 2012

Making a Come Back and Introducing Baby Quinn...

Hello World, sorry we haven't been online for a really long time. To say we have been busy would be totally understating thing greatly.

For most of the beginning of the year, your main editor, me, has been very ill. After realizing why, I got busy preparing for a new arrival, the two legged variety!

My husband and I needed to do all sorts of preparing: prepare a baby room, think of names for the possibility of either a boy or girl, acquire things for a baby, get books about babies.... The list was endless.

Even when the month came, I still didn't feel prepared or ready.

He is Quinn, in a little Santa suit.

My dogs at first we very interested in him... Sniffing him and checking him out. They have since accepted him and take no mind of him. I do remember Caillee getting a bit jealous of him but I tried to give her lots of attention and it would appear she has since gotten over it.

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