January 4, 2012

Lucy and Roland Came for a Super Quick Visit

Here is Lucy and Roland poses ever so nicely for a photo op.

This was Roland's first visit to our house and he got to meet Oliver and Caillee. Josie was pre-occupied with hubby.

Lucy got to meet Oliver and Caillee again. She looked so tiny in comparison to Oliver but as I kept pointing out, Oliver has tons of hair, and when I flatten his hair down you can see he isn't such a big boy after all.

Lucy's mom and I were tinkled pink Lucy seemed to have totally remembered hubby. She seemed so excited to see him again and seemed so very at home in his lap.

Hubby picked up Roland and he seemed totally at home in his arms. I think Hubby may have a way with puppies...

Here is Oliver getting in the way of me taking more photos of Lucy and Roland.

Here is Lucy and Roland saying good-bye in their winter gear. MG7XH3CC7N5S


  1. They are so cute!

    By the way, the chicken covered in fur (invisible feathers?) is named Rolan. Some day, he will learn to hold his own with other dogs -- we are working on it!

    Thank you so much for letting us drop by on such short notice. I know Lucy loved seeing you and Kevin again!

    1. I was great having you, Lucy and Roland over. You must call again.