January 15, 2012

Dogs helping to make the bed

"We thought mom needed lots of company while making the bed." Caillee.

Making the bed each morning can be a bit tricky. Let us say there may be two dogs on the bed and I tell them to get off, they do, then the third one comes by and thinking the bed is free for lounging. I tell that dog to get off while the other ones are jumping back one seeing the third one on the bed. It can be kind of fun and interesting making the bed each morning.

Today I thought I would make the bed while the dogs were still on the bed and make the bed around them. Josie found herself way tucked in between the bed spread and she found her way out in a hurry. Oliver found himself under the blanket and he too found his way out pretty fast. Caillee was smart enough to keep moving around the bed until I was done. I finished making the bed in no time and I still had fun doing it.

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