December 5, 2011

Santa's Little Helpers

Caillee, Oliver, and Josie have been very busy helping Santa this year...
This package is ready to go for a very special person. Oliver, won't you give us a hint?

Josie, is there anything good in that package? A bone perhaps? Does it even have your name on it? Just because you place your name on it does not make it yours.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Santa

    I just want my Dog to Stop Paw Chewing & Itching.

    I just want him to be able to Play and get some Sleep like he used to.

    I have tried Flea Products, Shampoo's, Special Diets, Med's ( OMG ! ) .. Nothing Works !!

    My Vet tells me that 85% of Itchy DOGs are Allergic to Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds.

    Allergy Shots are Out of the Question....

    What can I do to Neutralize my DOGs Allergies !?!?

    Santa… Please HELP my Dog ( and Me ).

    Frustrated Pet Parent.