July 20, 2011

Day 1 at the HCA Nationals 2011

Today is day one for Oliver at the Havanese Club of America National Specialty.   It was a day for people to arrive, attend seminars, tour AKC, join meetings, etc.

Here is Oliver taking notes at one of the seminars.  The nutrition seminar by Dr. Korinn Saker was fabulous, I doubt many who attended wanted to leave.

Here is Oliver at the Meet and Greet.  He sure did get to "meet and greet" many people.

Here is a photo of Madalyne, loved by Nadine J.. Oliver and I shared a room last night with a few furry friends, including Madalyne.  Others seemed a bit camera shy.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. Will Oliver share his notes on nutrition with me?

  2. IT gal - What's with the pen and paper - Oliver should be using an iPad! Cats love them. but seriously Oliver is one handsome dog.

  3. @Dawn Oliver would love to share his notes on nutrition with you.

  4. @Anonymous (Kathy) Oh yes, I knew who. Oliver was having some trouble typing with the iPad. Perhaps the next iPad models will be easier for him to use.