January 10, 2011

Someone missing a little white doggie stuffed toy?

Does anyone recognize this little white doggie toy?

While removing our sofa bed for a newer sofa, Oliver discovered this white doggie toy. At first we had no idea what he was running off with but when we took the white thing from him, we discovered this cute little toy.

We do not recognize it and we are pretty usre it does not belong to us. Perhaps one of Josie's, Caillee's, or Oliver's doggie friends came over with this white toy and lost it. Tucked between the sofa cushions for.... well, who knows how long.

If anyone recogizes your toy, please let us know.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. I think it was left behind in the doggie spirit of what's mine is yours ... so long as I'm not playing with it right now!

  2. I think the rule of succession is that it belongs to whoever licks it next...
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