August 29, 2010

What a great weekend Oliver had!

Living the life of a male show dog vicariously through Oliver.....

What a great weekend Oliver had! In his opinion, it didn’t start out that great as his weekend started out with a bath and blow dry: the whole nine yards!

Oliver and I showed up early for his first event at the Markham Kennel Club all breed dog show. It took a little longer than an hour to arrive at the show because we picked up some gas and then picked up some tea at Timmy’s on the way there.

When we arrived, the first priority was to find somewhere to set up the groomer table and chair. After that, Oliver and I walked around. We then picked up his arm band and walked around some more. We checked out the vendor booths and walked around some more. We sat together and watched some of the other breeds being judged and then, you guessed it, we walked around some more.

I really wanted to get Oliver comfortable with all the new noises at a large dog show. And also I wanted him to get use to all the different breeds, especially all the large breeds. Remember, his is only a small cute puppy-boy – he’s still growing.

Well, socializing portion for the day was done and it was down to business. I groomed Oliver as best as I could and he was being such a good boy on the grooming table.

While in the ring being judge, I thought he was wonderful. He walked smartly and in my opinion was behaving as best as could ever be expected from a six month old puppy at his first show. Everyone thought he did amazing well and no one could hardly believe this was Oliver very first show. Oliver did that well!

It was a good and full day already. Well, you would think that would be the end of day one. Hardly! I was invited to stay over at a long-time friend’s house who owns a few Bolognese and Havanese. She happened to be taking care of a fifteen month old puppy girl, Daisy, for a friend of hers while her friend was away. Oliver got to play with her and all of Linda’s dogs. They all played nicely. I was a bit worried of Oliver getting dirty or getting his hair pulled by one of the other dogs before day number two of his very first dog show. All was well.

Day number two: we had to arrive early in the morning for an all-breed puppy sweepstakes. Again, I thought he showed very well.

We had hours before the next event so Oliver and I took a mini-trip to get some brunch.

Again today we walked around and spent some time with some other Havanese. Havanese people are such great people, some I knew already through Havanese circles and others Oliver and I meet for the first time. Oliver and I felt right at home.

Oliver again showed very well for a six month old puppy. He was happy and seemed to be enjoying himself and I couldn’t ask for anything more this weekend.

Each event, he received Best of Opposite sex. For the sweepstakes event, he got second in sweepstakes for the toy breed, I think that’s how you say it.

Well, after a long day at the show, starting from very early morning to mid-afternoon, Oliver and I were saying our good-byes.

That’s should be the end, right? I didn’t take the Express Highway 407 back home so the trip was longer which made for good travel experience for Oliver. Oliver and I are attending the Canadian Havanese Specialty in Halifax Nova Scotia next weekend. Plus we made a few stops along the way making an already long trip much longer.

Oliver would have to agree the best stop over during day two was stopping by Jack’s house (his brother) to drop off something we borrowed. The two boys played and played until it was super time.

Both Oliver and I should sleep well tonight!
Photos taken by Darlah Potechin.

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  1. Sweet day. Love reading about people/dogs experiences at the dog shows.