June 9, 2010


I am tell you, Lucy has been really testing me lately.  She has been barking to demand what she wants.

This tackic seems to work wth Hubby and it would almost seem she has him wrapped around her little paw.

The whole barking to get what you want should not be encouraged.  It should be ignored.  Yes, Hubby, ignored.  Don't look at her pretty eyes.  Don't be fooled by those cute and do darling puppy dog eyes!

Hubby, when she barks, you be still, look away and act like some sort of flag poll.  You may continue to approach her only when she has stopped barking for more than a few seconds.  As soon as she starts barking again, you stop approaching and act like that flag poll again.  Works best if you are actually standing and can play the role of the flag poll.  You are the post!  Be one with the post.  She only gets your attention when she is quite.  She can come out of her crate when she is quite.  She may have [blank] when she is quite.

Great dogs are not just born - they're trained!

It is a good thing her new mommy is a elementary school teacher.  She will be ever so wise to Lucy bag of tricks, with all the experience she surely must have.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. Oh yes, coming into the rebellious teenager phase! We've got whining going on here, especially whining for more liver brownie treats. (Ugh.) Finding that chanting "ommmm" in my head while playing post is very therapeutic: he whines and I get a meditation moment. :-)

  2. Wow, she sounds just like some of my students... "Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I? Ms. Niedan, can I?"