May 25, 2010

Teething Puppy?

Puppies teeth and their teething can drive us crazy. The obvious signs our dogs are teething is the seem to chew everything in sight including your furniture and fingers.

Other signs of teething may include swollen and inflamed (sometimes bleeding) gums and/or missing teeth. Perhaps not so obvious signs of teething is when they don’t like your touching their mouth and when they seem to bat at their ears. Batting at their ears usually is an indication their back molars are coming in.

What to do about it? There are a number of things you can do and hopefully one will work for your puppy.

Exercise. Some puppies will chew more when bored. Providing lots of exercise and social interaction will relieve excessive chewing from boredom.

Ice cubes. Instant numbing cold on their gums but some may not care for these wet block.

Frozen broth cubes. Another alternative to ice cubes.

Soup bones. Puppies will enjoy the taste of the marrow in the middle and the bone around the marrow provides a natural way to relieve the pain from teething while helping to keep their teeth clean. Once the marrow is all gone or mostly gone the bone can still be used as you would a regular Kong toy by smearing the sides with spreadable foods such as peanut butter, cheese whiz, or moist dog food. These can also be used to keep puppies busy when you need leave them in their crates.

Raw hide. Not the most healthiest idea but some puppies do enjoy it. Be sure to let them enjoy raw hide under supervision and to dispose of the raw hide once it starts to fall apart.

Carrots. Most puppies will enjoy their crunchy sensation and its all natural.

Rope toys. Rope toys can provide some fun. Wetting and freezing them may provide extra fun for teething puppies.

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