May 1, 2010

Name Idea

OK, I am suggesting the concideration of the call name be: Kal-El and the registered name be: Hydabrek's Last Dog of Krypton.

Good, Bad, Indifferent ... discuss ...


Other name ideas:

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. Just so there is no miss-understanding here, he is going to be my dog. You may give him any *call* name you wish so long as I can pronounce it without having to think about how it is pronounce everytime I have to say his name.

  2. "Kal-El, come!" "Good boy, Kal-El." "Kal-El, No!"

    How does that roll off of your tongue? (Not sure how it is pronounced: does it sound something similar to "Caillee, come!"?

    "Krypton, come!" "Good boy, Krpyton." "Krypton, No!"

    And that?

    Love the Superman theme. Actually looked up information and read the back story. Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman was a really interesting guy - and hey, gotta love that fabulous bod in blue tights. :-)))

    You are very kind to invite outside comments and discussion, you know. Nothing more fun than playing around with naming someone else's dog. LOL!

  3. Could always call him Kal for short ...