May 1, 2010

Moisturize Damaged Hair

Poor Caillee’s fur has been neglected since the arrival of her puppies. I have been brushing now and again but nowhere near as often as I should and I still haven’t given her a well deserved bath yet.
I had completely de-matted my poor girl today and I have decided her hair was so damaged I should either give her an oil treatment or put moisturizer in her hair and let it sit. Either way, she has to have a bath soon afterwards to get all the oils out.

I had decided this time to use moisturizer today and give her a bath tomorrow.

I do not use just any moisturizer but ones which I find too oily to use on myself. Those are the types of moisturizers I find work great on rejuvenating my dogs’ damaged coat.

I brushed all the mats out, re-brushed her inch by inch and added moisturizer as I went along. All done for the day.

Tomorrow, I will brush her again to remove any mats that came back over night. I will give her a bath and blow dry her hair completely dry. Her hair should feel better and depending on the amount of damage I am trying to repair, repeat treatments may be required or try other rejuvenating techniques.

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  1. A mom deserves a pampering spa treatment. Can't wait to see her all coiffed and gorgeous. ;-)