March 17, 2010

Puppy Watch: Puppy Steps

A few of the puppies, though clumsy, are starting to walk and not very far.

Their living area has been expanded to now included a piddle area and a water dish. The puppies are starting to eliminate on their own and now need an area to do their business. “Poseidon*” was the first to use the piddle area. The next day, I spotted “Jersey Cow*” trying to do his business there and it wasn’t going well for him. I had to clean him up a little bit.

Speaking of “Jersey Cow*”, I think he might have been to the first to catch on to the water thing. I stuck each of their mouth area quickly in the water to try out this wetness. “Jersey Cow” took a lap of it and looks as though he still wasn’t sure about this water after all.

A couple of days later, I spotted “Zeus*” taking a couple of laps of water all on his own.

As for "Nyx*", she is taking all this in stride but would like to point out, for those who may not know this, water dishes generally do not make the best sleeping areas. Just an FYI to every out there.

They are all growing up. Sigh.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. What a great photo! And what a wonderful update. It must be exciting to watch them progress, but sad to see it all happen so quickly. Do they interact with each other much - I mean other than sleeping on each other, of course. ;-)

  2. I charged the battery to the camera, the one that can take mini videos. I have a few clips of them playing together. I will try to put something together this weekend.